Sleep Freak

I have always been a sleep freak. I hate the feeling of being tired and sick so ever since around 7th grade I have been freakish about making sure that I get enough sleep every night. In middle my friends would have sleepovers like every weekend and I would always go but would refuse to spend the night, mostly because I was afraid I would get sick. Consequently I would have to leave at like ten because that’s the latest my mom was willing to come pick me up.

Sleepovers were fun but I saw the weekends as a way to recover from the stressful week and to recharge for the week to come. I couldn’t do that if I was only getting 4 hours of sleep each night.

Its a known fact that getting enough sleep correlates to how healthy you are and therefore to how well you do in sports. So that’s another reason why I didn’t like spending the night because I wanted to do well in soccer or track or whatever sport I was in at the time. Having to wake up at 730 on a Saturday after having a sleepover because you had 8am practice was seriously the worst thing ever! Everyone else would still be sleeping and I would have to tiptoe around everyone trying to collect my things. And then there was the fact that I still had to go run that completely filled me with dread because I knew I would probably feel like crap.

sleep walking

This is how I looked the next day at practice. Basically like I was sleep running.

Anyway I really saw no point in sleeping over if I had to leave in the morning because what was the point of me sleeping over if everyone was still sleeping when I left. If I had gone home I still wouldn’t have seen anyone in the morning but I would have gotten some quality sleep and felt a lot better the next day.

Now I’m making myself sound like a complete party pooper. I did spend the night occasionally and always if it was someone’s birthday party or something but if all we were going to do was watch TV until 3 in the morning then I could do that at home.

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